Erase Metadata from PDFs

Use our free PDF metadata scrubber tool to remove metadata from your PDFs and protect your privacy. Erase PDF metadata quickly and easily, with just a few clicks.

PDF Metadata Scrubber

The fastest way to erase metadata from your PDFs online

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Remove GPS from photos

This is a free metadata cleaner to clean photo and video metadata. You can remove GPS coordinates from photos and videos. Maintain your privacy online by stopping photos from being tracked.

Tool to clean metadata online

This is a free metadata cleaning tool for all devices. It is an online metadata cleaning tool, meaning you no longer need to download a client for a Metadata Cleaning tool for Windows, Metadata Cleaning tool for Mac and a Metadata Cleaning tool for Linux.

PDF Metadata Cleaner

TaskMate is a free metadata scrubber tool. It can clean document metadata by removing non-generic metadata to maintain privacy online. It also linearises the pdf to remove all metadata in attachments as well.